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Welcome to the official blog-space of the BBCU, or, the Bikini Beach Clean Up!

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Hello fellow eco-warriors!

We want to create a safe container for our global community to learn, grow and envision the brighter future of our world. We will be sharing resources to educate, stories to inspire and tips to get us all where we want to be in regards to our role as stewards of this beautiful planet.

Sometimes, the nature of these posts will be informative. 'How-to' styled to help get our community on board with simple ways to live more eco-friendly. We will also be providing feedback on a number of supportive documentaries, books and other resources that are helpful in self-education on the subject of environmental awareness. In addition to this content, we will be providing content that is focused on the mind-body-spirit connection, as we believe that this relationship to self is reflective of how we treat our planet. This content is meant to inspire you, create conversation and incite a natural desire to nurture yourself, your community and your home - our big, beautiful oasis of an Earth that we all strive to lovingly protect and honor.

We look forward to beginning this journey with you!

Thank you for vowing to protect our home,

The BBCU team

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